Mendo Farms Serving Grilled Cheese Invitational Winner All Week Long

If you missed out on the 2011 Grilled Cheese Invitational two weekend ago, there are plenty of recaps for you to drool over.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t taste some of the winners.  Oaks Gourmet (who won a few prizes) has a Grilled Cheese night every Wednesday, and if you get lucky you just might happen upon the Grilled Cheese Truck’s fried chicken grilled cheese as a special.  But if you want one for during lunchtime for under $10 that’s guaranteed to be on the menu you’ll want to hit up Mendocino Farms this week for their Grilled Cheese Invitational champion pick: The Whole Enchildada by The Cheezy Nerds (a group of Firefighters from around the LA area).

It features roasted chicken breast smothered in house made enchilada sauce with cheddar and pepperjack fondue, pickled red onions, crema, and black olives on a rustic white bread with a side of smashed avocados for $9.25. Available at all Mendocino Farms locations from May 2nd-6th with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross to benefit victims of Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami.


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