My Maki, Delish & Riyoshi Are Now Open

My Maki
Midtown East’s recent flurry of opening activity (Dee Daa, Schnitzel & Things, Bierhaus) isn’t over yet. Three more spots opened their doors for business yesterday, and one involves sushi with junk food! Yes, My Maki (43rd btw Lex+3rd), the make your own sushi spot with crazy ingredients like Doritos, potato sticks and mango, is now open for your sushi making enjoyment or blasphemy. You can see the whole menu on their website, but they won’t be doing online orders, phone orders, or delivery until next week (at the earliest).

But wait- there’s more…

Further towards 5th, Delish and Riyoshi (on 44th btw Mad+5th) opened their doors as well yesterday. According to commenter Lunch’er “Method” Delish is serving up general deli fare (and encroaching on Green Cafe’s turf), but Riyoshi, the Japanese restaurant upstairs might bring some needed culinary delights to this neglected neck of the woods.  Neither seem to be on the interwebs at all.

Early adopters, let us know how they are in the comments.


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    My Maki seems to be sushi meet subway assembly method. A roll starts at $6, + more for a protein but does provide 2 free non fish items to put inside along with a special sauce. One roll will bring you close to the midtown limit and they don’t seem very big.

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    just got back from my maki. i got a seaweed roll with chicken, avocado, potato sticks and spicy bread crumbs with spicy mayo sauce.

    didn’t seem too busy but i went after the lunch rush. overall, the roll is tasty and the service there was good.

    i’ll be going back.

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    How much did you pay for it and were you full after? Also, how long did it take them to make your roll?

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      it was about 7 or 8 bucks. i don’t remember. i was definitely full after. it took maybe a couple of minutes. they have an assembly line so it was quick.

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    Regarding Ryoshi, I went up there today and it looked like a sitdown sushi bar. Did I miss some other section with takeout like Zaiya and Sunrise Mart? There was some sushi downstairs at delish but that’s all I saw. I was hoping for more.

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