My Maki’s Make Your Own Sushi Coming in March

My Maki

Watch out East Side! We’re getting another new Asian joint, My Maki on 43rd between Lex+3rd. It’s a make your own sushi in the fast-casual style, similar to how Sensebowl and others work. You choose the base 10-piece roll, 5.50 for traditional Nori or 6.50 for soybean, select a main ingredient-all are under $3, get two free additional ingredients, outside toppings, and sauces. Or you can go with their signature rolls which are all under $10. I am looking forward to this sushi joint, it isn’t very often that you can choose the ingredients in your roll, nor is it often that those ingredients can include potato sticks and/or Doritos. I have at least three combinations already on my list to try when they open their doors in March.


  • I wouldn’t call that “make your own sushi”.

  • I challenge Andrew Zimmern to an uni / durian / stinky tofu mega-maki on opening day

  • ^^^ THIS.

    I don’t know, it looks like fun. ‘Make your own’ sushi, salad, burrito – that’s it! If I can exert exacting control over what I eat at lunch, surely that will make me feel like I have control over the rest of my life…yes…oh, what’s that? Yes, sir, back to work.

  • I went here for lunch today and I really liked it.
    It is a great idea – make your own sushi! They make it for you but it is customized. I made “my maki” (hehe) with tuna, avocado, cucumber, Doritos topped with crunchy tempura. The portion was filling. The sauce choices were awesome. I went with a safe bet and grabbed spicy tuna and a small seaweed salad. I am definitely going back.

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