Hunting for the Chicken Anda Roll at the 39th Street Desi Food Truck

Desi Food Truck 39th

If you aren’t already reading the forums, you should be. It’s a great place to get lunch inspiration from your fellow lunch’ers. During my recent Kati Roll Krawl, I missed checking out the 39th street Desi Truck’s offerings because they weren’t out that day. After seeing AchillesLunches’ post in the forum about their Chicken Anda roll being “crazy delish” I had to check it out for myself.

First off here’s what AchillesLunches had to say:

Twice I’ve meant to go to the Kati Roll Co on 39th and twice I’ve been waylaid by the yellow Desi Food Truck strategically positioned between the corner and Kati Roll Co. I’ve gotten the Chicken Anda kati roll – not quite sure what’s involved but it’s chicken, scrambled egg and (maybe) spicy spinach. The bread is very tasty with a predominant butter flavor, the fillings are delicious. The cost is $4.50.

To my great disappointment, when I arrived at the truck for lunch they didn’t have the Chicken Anda roll that day. Booo. Kati Fail. Since I was there I decided to settle for trying their paneer roll ($4.00) and for good measure I added an order of their dal with rice and veggies ($6.00).

Paneer Kati Roll
The paratha was a little greasier than what I’m used to from Biryani Cart and not quite as tender (in that sense, it was more like the nearby Kati Roll Co.). The paneer cubes weren’t as thinly sliced as the ones from Biryani Cart’s new paneer roll and were lightly curried. The filling was accented with onions and chickpeas. I didn’t taste any coriander sauce on this roll, which would have made it more like KRC’s Achari Paneer Roll. Next time I’ll ask if they have any hot sauce.

Dal and Veggies Over Rice
The dal with rice and veggies was an ample portion of yellow dal, dal saag (spinach and yellow lentils) and a chickpea curry. I was expecting more dal with curried veggies, but it was good and satisfying nonetheless. It didn’t come with the delicious gulab jamun that I enjoyed with my “non-vegetarian combo lunch” back in the fall, but they did throw in some “glucose biscuits” for dessert which I still have yet to crack into, sorry guys, but gulab jamun > glucose biscuits.

Desi Food Truck, 39th and 6th.


  • wtf are glucose biscuits?!?

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    Brownie – don’t give up! To be honest, the first Chicken Anda kati roll was better than the second time I went (isn’t that always the way it goes?). I’ve had the rolls at the Biryani Cart and preferred the ones from Desi, but this may have to do with expectations – I was disappointed parathi from B/C were so insubstantial and “greasy” to one person is “buttery” to another. Enjoy the glucose biscuits, whatever they are!

    • Haha! I’ll give them another shot. I know different people dig different paratha styles. :)

      I threw those glucose biscuits in my shoulder bag somewhere. When I unearth them I’ll post a pic. They seemed like they’d be sort of like those baby teething biscuits, though I’ve yet to open them.

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