Biryani Cart Finally Adds a Paneer Roll to Their Lineup

Biryani Cart

My very first kati roll experience was at Kati Roll Co (the EV branch, sorry Midtown kids). My friend encouraged me to order their Achari Paneer roll, a spicy vegetarian roll filled with onions and paneer, a simple Indian cheese, topped with plenty of hot sauce. It was love at first bite. I’ve long hoped that Biryani Cart, my go to midtown kati roll spot, would add a paneer roll to the menu, so I was pretty excited to hear that last week they finally did.

Paneer Kati Roll

In terms of construction Biryani Cart’s paneer slices are thinner than the ones at Kati Roll co, and they were each slightly grilled. The rolls were filled with some veggies (lettuce, a bit of carrots) and topped with white sauce. Between the cheese and the white sauce, it was a mild roll, but very pleasant- especially if you’re a cheese fan. Next time I’ll try it with hot sauce!

Biryani Cart, SW Corner of 46th and 6th

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  • I love it when new things premiere at Biryani on a day I’ll be in the area. I’ll see if I can give this a shot tonight.

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