New 99 Cent Fresh Pizza Now Open on Lex

99¢ Fresh Pizza on Lex

As I left work yesterday I noticed that the new 99¢ Fresh Pizza (on Lex btw. 45+46th) is now open- (let the 99¢ pizza war begin!) It’s owned by the same people as the location on 43rd btw. Lex+3rd, but this one is significantly larger and includes an actual counter to eat your slices at. When I visited they only had plain slices available, but with a good amount of counter space, one can assume they may offer more than that. These additions may give it the advantage it needs going to battle on Lex (and it could be seen as a preemptive move against a possible 2 Bros future onslaught.)


  • Hmmm. That means they likely chargin’ tax unlike 2 Bros.

    I’m not liking or expecting anything with the 99c pizzas these days since 2 Bros other locs have been inconsistent (too many slices with skimpy cheese or majorly burnt) but might give this new loc a try soemtime.

  • How long before the Fukinese start opening 88 Cent Pizzas on every block and take down all the 99 cent joints ?

  • The original 99c pizza place on 43rd between lex and 3rd stop charging tax. I noticed this about a month ago. (I work super close)

  • Hasn’t that location *on* Lex been open already for nearly a year? Maybe more.

    • No, it’s been open since Friday. It’s taking the space of a former juice shop. There is another 99¢ pizza shop down the street hence the pizza war.

  • Ate there last night. No tax, although I wasn’t offered a penny back from my $1 bill. Very clean for this type operation, plenty of perimeter counter space. The other place on Lex nearby not as good.

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