99¢ Fresh Pizza Declares War on Lex!

99¢ Pizza War

Remember the good old days, when Prince was the only 99 Cent pizza on the East side?  Then 99¢ Fresh Pizza opened on 43rd btw. Lex+3rd and that was the end of them.  Then in December, 99¢ Fresh Pizza received some pizza competition of their own when a former employee decided to set up shop on Lexington btw 45th and 46th.  Well, if you thought that was the end of it, you don’t know much about 99 cent pizza!  Yesterday I noticed a new green awning on Lexington near 46th where a juice place used to be… and the green awning reads:  99¢ Fresh Pizza. Who’s ready for a pizza war?  Because this is going to be some Iron Chef-like Throwdown shizz going on here, and I will be in the sweet middle, eating very cheap pizza. (But in all seriousness… how many of these places can the east side support?  Or do you think they’re just trying to out-do 9th Avenue?)


  • There is no way they can make money from selling $1 pizza in NYC..I bet ya this is a cover up business for money laundering.

    • You could be right… although traditionally these places have all been about high volume. The slices are smaller than normal, the ingredients tend to be cheaper, and the locations are always really small. The business model depends on selling a ton of cheap slices, fresh out of the oven- when they taste the best.

      That’s why it will be interested to see if they can survive with so many of them poaching business from one another in the same area.

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    guess its not really midtown (but you said east side)…theres $.99 pizza on 34th and 3rd too..the more the merrier! gotta pre-eat before going to a yuppie dinner and its perfect

  • A Baja Fresh Pizza Sandwich! :)

  • Don’t forget the 99 cent pizza place on 3rd and 44th! that’s like 4 places within a 2 block radius! 99 cent slices are the new Starbucks of midtown!

    • That’s actually my favorite one of the three. I only go to the one on 43rd when the line for the one on 3rd and 44th is too long.

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