At Lunch Now: Your First Look at Street Meat Pizza

Two quintessential New York foods have finally been combined into a solitary lunch.  (Dreams really do come true!?)  Meet the Street Meat Pizza, brainchild of Eddie’s Pizza Truck in conjunction with Rafiqi’s.  They’re offering chicken, lamb, a combo or half and half (and, just like Rafiqi’s street meat platter- black beans are optional.)  And don’t worry… the hot sauce and white sauce get added last, so you can request it without (or extra!)  The truck has already gotten a ton of pre-orders, but they’re expecting to not run out until at least 1pm- so you still have time.  Call 917-439-7522 to order ahead if you don’t want to wait in line.

UPDATE: Miss Softee just checked in to let us know she tried it before heading to her spot on 44th and 6th.  Her verdict (plus a great looking photo of the pie) is after the jump.

“It’s like the best pizza and halal food mated and damn this baby is delicious!  Right cheese to meat ratio, and the lettuce cools it down perfectly.  Two thumbs up!!”

Did you take the street meat pizza plunge?  Let us know how it was in the comments…


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