Mister Softee Opens Up to Fox Business

With all the turf war controversy surrounding Mister Softee trucks, we’ve always imagined Softee President Jim Conway as some kind of soft serve puppet master, holed up in his Jersey lair ruling the summer streets of NYC with a iron fist.  Nope.  Saw him on Fox Business channel last week, and he looks like… well… the owner of a large (and extremely professional) ice cream company.  Miss Softee makes an appearance in the background, and Conway goes into some interesting business facts about Mister Softee- including the fact that the hours are long, and many of their franchises are owned by immigrants from South America, Eastern Europe and West Africa.

Check out the video after the jump…

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  • I totally have a crush on Miss Softee. I’d follow here anywhere. Thanks for the gratuitous photo. Get the bald guy off the screen please

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    Zach – Thanks for the compliment. We really are not the evil empire and I’m far from Darth Vader. There is a Softee fan page on facebook with nearly 90,000 fans – so we must do something right. As to the poster above – I’m not bald, it’s called thinning.

    Jim Conway

  • Haha brilliant comeback James.
    30k is really a reasonable figure to get your own business.
    It’s also great that 20% of your franchisees are Women.
    Do Mister Softee trucks retrofit to serve other things during the Winter months? Like say…. soup/stew?

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