At Lunch Now: Free People’s Pops Line is Moving Quick

You’ve only got 30 minutes to score a free People’s Pop (on 47th btw. 2+3rd).  The line is long, but it’s moving quick (about 5 mins to score your free popsicle) and the flavors are blueberry lavender & raspberry peach.  Don’t think you can make it by 1:30pm?  You have an extra 30 minutes to score the free mister softee being handed out on 40th and 2nd (They’ll be there until 2pm.)


  • i just posted too… it was total surprise on my way to the farmer’s market =) sweet treat indeed

  • omg I was in line at that time! But abandoned it. The line was kinda slow, and it was on the hot side of the street and I was on my way to the pool right across the street…

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