Schnitzel & Things Called a Terrorist Threat

Photo courtesy of @Remy

Is there any truck in Midtown that gets into more trouble than the Schnitzel & Things truck? There was the fight with Mister Softee, the catching on fire, having their tires slashed, and having the cops called on them by Fox News.  But this could be the craziest.  According to Business Insider (via Grub Street), they were forced to leave their spot on 54th and Lex after somebody from the Citigroup building called the cops and claimed they were a terrorist threat.  Sure, the aftermath of a schnitzel burger could be considered a dirty bomb of sorts- but terrorist threat?  That’s a little extreme, don’t you think?

Even though they packed up and left on Friday (it was the end of lunch service anyway), the truck doesn’t seem too deterred.  According to this weeks schedule they’ll be back on 54th and Lex again this Friday.


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