Free Burger Alert, BOGO Fancy Lunch

Neither of these spots are Midtown Lunches but free is free right?!  Text the word FLIP2 to #89800 and get a free burger from Flip Burger in Bloomingdales (coupon good until 5/15, while supplies last.)  Also, if you go to Fishtail today with somebody and call them your assistant, you’ll get two $24 price fixe lunches for the price of one.  [Wined and Dined; Eater]


  • niiice. a free flip burger.

  • Flip is doing it right with this free burger deal. I’m there now sitting at the bar and they’re allowing you to get any of the signature burgers as part of the free special. They all come with fries included. The text says deal lasts til 5/15 but not really. Lasts til they give away $6,000 worth of free burgers.

  • #89800 not wokring for me :-(

  • Wait… why wouldn’t you tell them you saw it on Midtown Lunch! :-)

  • brigreen is one of those fair-weather ML freeloaders, obviously! TRAITOR!!!

    • I can vouch for brigreen as a loyal follower(if an infrequent commenter)….plus I owe him for sending him out into the cold just after Wafels & Dinges pulled the plug on visiting us sad Northeasterly OOB readers.

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        thanks hightemp. let them call me a traitor but at least i had a good lunch.

        (and, zach, just to make you feel better — when the waiter asked which paper we saw the ad in, i mentioned ML and got a strange look from the waiter so i quickly mentioned the ny post (i am loyal but my mission for a free burger sometimes trumps my loyalties). ‘ny post’ was printed on the receipt next to the discount.)

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