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Fishtail Extends $5 Menu: Fresh off trying Fishtail's special $5 Octoberfest menu on Friday (the one where you can get 5 raw oysters and a burger for $10),  we've just read that they've decided to extend the deal through November. Nice! [via David Burke's Twitter]

It’s the Last Week For Fishtail’s Special October $5 Menu (I Recommend the Burger + Oysters)

Sit down restaurants are not really what Midtown Lunch is all about.  Sure, the $10 price cap disqualifies most of them, but even so… ML is about adventure, and value, and finding something different.  Everybody knows that if you are willing to shell out the cash, and have a couple hours to spare, there are tons of delicious lunches to be had in New York City.  This site is about finding the less expensive options that save you from eating boring turkey sandwiches and build your own salad every day for lunch.

But every so often, a deal comes along from a fancy sit down restaurant that is just too good to ignore (like Del Frisco’s $9.95 steak tips bar menu loophole- since closed.)  So when I read about Fishtail’s new October $5 menu, I had to go check it out.

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