Eggs Travaganza Cart Now Open For Lunch


Lunch’er “Masto” is on a roll! Yesterday he sent in the first look at Cer Te’s new Mr. Potato Skin sandwich, and today he sends along this great news.  Remember the Eggs Travaganza Cart (the breakfast only cart on 52nd and Park that Serious Eats wrote about back in July?)  Apparently they are now open for lunch…

I stopped by the Eggs Travaganza cart on 52nd and Park for my favorite Mexican breakfast wrap when I discovered they had put out a sign with some lunch offerings. I asked Maribel and Arturo about it and they confirmed that they are indeed open for lunch. They gave me a sneak peek at the lunch menu just for Midtown Lunch, photo attached.

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er “Masto”

They said they’ll be adding more items, such as quesadillas, over time. Also of interest, their cart was moved a space back from where it normally is, swapped with the Rafiqi’s cart that sets up next to them.. the same cart that, according to previous ML articles, forced them to only serve breakfast. Apparently this lunch thing has caused Rafiqi’s to go into territorial mode, and they haven’t actually left the corner since Friday in order to defend their turf. Hopefully there won’t be any ugly incidents and they’ll work it out. The Eggs Travaganza folks are super friendly and have a very loyal following.

Grilled cheese!? Bacon wrapped hot dogs!? Oh my… this could be good.

Eggs Travaganza Cart, NE Corner of 52nd and Park

Eggstravaganza Cart Looking for a Lunchtime Spot


  • I will either have to hit this up soon, or buy some chorizo to add to my own eggy creations–or both.

  • Cool. It’s right outside for me. I had breakfast a few weeks ago. Time to go back soon. I hope they serve breakfast/ egg sandwiches during Lunch too.

  • Good thing I kept their phone number on my cell. Maybe they’ll take orders for lunch?

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    Wanted to try the schnitzel down today, but by the time I could leave the office the line would have been too long. I went to eggstravaganza and lucky for me, Frites and Meats was nearby so there was absolutely no line for the bacon chorizo grilled cheese sandwich.

    I’m not a grilled cheese fanatic, but this thing is pretty darned good. I can’t believe I’m saying this about a sandwich with bacon cheese and chorizo, but it’s surprisingly “well balanced.” Nothing was really overpowering: there’s just a hint of tomato (which is how I like it), the bacon and chorizo are as you would expect, and there’s just the right amount of cheese. It was a 10 minute commute back to my desk so the bread was soggy by the time I ate it, but adding some potato chips in the sandwich made it more texturally interesting. Portion-wise, it’s not that big of a sandwich, but I was satisfied.

    Is that too much analysis for a sandwich from a cart? Maybe. But for 5 dollars, it rivaled the yumminess of the grilled cheese at Bar Artisinal. Totally different sandwiches, but both very yummy in their own right.

    @deanlo, they told me they take orders for lunch as well.

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