Midtown Links (The “Holiday Treats” Edition)

Tuxedo’d peeps! Photo courtesy of Blondie and Brownie


  • GAWD!, I hate to say this, but this post reminds me of the juvenile, kindergarten, “forum” of one of your competitive food blogs — ‘Which end of the chocolate bunny do YOU bite first?’

    Stupid, STUPID food blog which is inundated with uneducated, juvenile, unemployed, newly-immigrated people who REALLY should have stayed in …. wherever.

    Next, you will be asking (they call it ‘polling’) — “on which side of the bread do you put your peanut butter?”

    What a romp.

  • shut up you irelevant fat twat.

    • You can bite what’s left of my chocolate easter bunny, McBagel, if Fred doesn’t beat you to it — and she’s pretty fast, if you get my drift.

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