NYC Cravings Now Serving Cold Apps From the Truck

Knowing full well that a mobile vendor can’t survive on selling fried chicken alone, the NYC Cravings Truck has had a long history of menu expansion.  First pork chops, tea eggs, and tianbula, then it was zongzi, and chicken wings (which are currently on hiatus.)  For the latest expansion they were forced to go cold, due to limited space and cooking appliances.  “We are now serving 3 types of cold appetizers: seaweed salad, Buddha’s delight (a vegetarian option made up of bamboo shoots, fried tofu, wood ear, dried bean curd sticks, yellow flower vegetables and wheat gluten), and anchovies with peanuts and chili peppers. All are sold for $4.”  To find out where they are parked today, check their twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker.

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  • mmmm golden needles. i love savory dishes that utilize flowers. stuff like chrysanthemum and cod milt fritters or beef stir fried with some tonkin jasmine totally roxors my boxors.

    oh and i guess anything made with herbes de provence

    can’t wait til next thurs when they’re in the nabe.

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