NYC Cravings Truck Now Selling Zongzi


It appears as if the NYC Cravings truck is determined to bring Chinatown to Midtown bit by bit.  The latest addition to their Taiwanese menu is zongzi, a Chinese tamale-like snack featuring gluttinous rice stuffed in bamboo leaves and studded with all sorts of goodies.  Their version features peanuts, pork, chinese sausage, egg yolk, sichuan vegetable, Chinese mushroom and dried shrimp.

Check out the innards, after the jump…


I promise there is stuff in there! (Maybe I should have rooted around a bit before taking the photo.) My piece of pork had some delicious pork fat attached (bonus!) and I love Chinese sausage (although there was only one little piece of both).  Didn’t see any dried shrimps and the peanuts were a little mealy, but overall it was totally tasty (and another welcome bit of Chinatown to the ML scene.)  They also have a vegetarian version with peanuts, green beans, raddish, szechuan vegetable, and mushrooms.  I don’t know if it’s worth $4 (almost twice the price as in Chinatown) but if you’re completely craving (hey, I made pun!) zongzi in Midtown, this is pretty much your only option.

The NYC Cravings Truck parks Thursdays on 53rd btw. Park+Lex (and Mondays on 6th Ave. in the 40s).  Check their twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker for confirmation.

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