No Cravings Truck Chicken Wings Until January


Booooooo Superbowl?  Apparently the price of chicken wings skyrockets in December, so the NYC Cravings Truck can’t afford to serve their new chicken wing special right now.  They’re hoping to start serving them again in January, when the prices go back down.  In the meantime we’ll just have to make due with their Taiwanese fried chicken and pork chops.

Cravings Truck Adds Chicken Wings; Says Thanks This Week With $5 Platters


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    yeah i went there last week and got the news too

    went today and they ran out of rice… had to stand in the shade and cold for 50 minutes to get my food, i was so pissed… gave me a diet coke (yuck) on the house for my troubles since i had been next on line and a girl made like 4 orders right before me so she cleaned them out before they expected to be out i guess

    anyway i brought the food back to the office, very mad, i took a first bite… i felt better… it was the best pork anything i had tasted since… pepperoni i think? the pork chop was thin and fried and tasted amazing, i even ate the strange vegetables they put in it was all so good! 50 minutes and it WAS worth the wait for me, cant wait for january and that chicken to come back :D

  • That IS bad news. But look at the bright side.

    You can run down to your local supermarket (like Food Lion, which sells drummettes – that’s wings already separated into the primary two pieces for you New Yawk folks who don’t have a sharp knife, on special for $1.99 per pound).

    Then you take those babies home to your luxury high-rise apartment (that is worth a million or two) and cook them up yourself using DocChuck’s method, which he learned while living in Upstate New Yawk (Watertown), just a few miles from Buffalo, you understand.

    You see, guys – - – no problem here.

    Carry on.

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    Incidentally, the price of wings has been upside down vis-a-vis breasts since earlier this fall.

  • you stood on line, in the cold for 50 minutes? (smh)

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    I saw that Times article a while back. How long until they start making fake wings out of white meat breasts, a la buffet ‘seafood?’

    OK, I doubt that will happen. Meanwhile I’ll just study “How to eat a chicken wing” to get ready for the next time I get some.

  • i thought their fried pork was just salty without much flavor. gotta try their fried chicken.

  • You make a relevant point, ‘MikeNYC’.

    If you are unfortunate enough to be relegated to eating in restaurants or, (gawd forbid) food carts, or anywhere else that your ‘FOOD’ is prepared for you — the reality is that you may very well get phony chicken wings.

    Many eateries today are pushing strips of chicken breast off as “wings”, especially in bars and fast food joints.


    Because chicken breast is CHEAPER than the frickin’ “wings” — which is crazy, but a reality.

    SOOooo, quit your bitchin’ or cook your own.

    Damned difficult choice for a hotshot New Yawka, I understand.

    But when did yo’ mama tell ya that life in the big apple was gonna be ezee?

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    This truck parks in front of my building on Thursdays, and I can’t understand why people line up. It’s probably the least tasty Taiwanese food I’ve ever had – the porkchop is tough, the meatsauce is bland, and the egg tastes just like another boiled egg. Plus, it’s expensive!

    I’ve gotten a group of people at work together, so we get our porkchops and chicken stuff delivered from Excellent Porkchop House in Chinatown. SO much better… with the tip and stuff, it’s not really much cheaper, but for the same price, no waiting on line, and much better food, why eat from Cravings?

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