Cravings Truck Adds Chicken Wings; Says Thanks This Week With $5 Platters

The NYC Cravings truck is getting into the Thanksgiving spirit this week by offering their signature Taiwanese fried chicken platter or fried pork chop platter for $5 each (it’s normally $7.)  They’re also serving fried chicken wings now… 10 pieces for $6.  They’ll be at their normal spots today (48th btw. 6+7th) and tomorrow (24th btw. Park+Mad), but because it’s a short week they’ve decided to spend Wednesday on 53rd & Lex.

NYC Cravings Brings Taiwanese Fried Chicken Awesomeness to the Mobile Food Scene
NYC Cravings Makes “Secret Menu Item” Permanent


  • Eh for the $6 wings, but $5 plates sounds good!

  • If they served the wings with the rice and sauce at $6, then we’re talking.

  • when the high school kids find out about the wing prices, the streets shall run red with blood…

  • oh god. on the day when i want to start a habit of eating healthier lunches, $0.60 wings come along. any idea of how they’re prepared?

  • Good wings are very hard to find these days,, and nearly impossible in midtown. If they’re anywhere as near as good as their regular chicken, $6 sounds like a good enough deal to me. Can’t wait to try.

  • best news is that the special applies to the porken, too!

  • I personally think the fried chicken alone is average so wings doesn’t fascinate me. We all know their meat sauce is their money-maker. If they do a wings meal (even if it’s like 7 wings with rice and sauce), it would sell like hot-cakes…

  • too bad i have a half day on wednesday. their fried pork chops were just ok but for $5, i’d take it.

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    Ever since I tried the wings at Mad for Chicken, (which I read about here) I don’t want another buffalo wing, or fried chicken for that matter, from any place other than Mad for Chicken. MFC wings are scary good. And I don’t care how long I have to wait for them either. Prediction: In the coming years Korean fried chicken will be the next big food fad in this country.

  • Korean fried chicken? Ummm, hasn’t that already been around forever now! ;P
    Let me know when the Big Mac becomes a fad again…

  • They just gave free pork dumplings to me and a bunch of other people in the line when it got short!

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    Har, har. Don’t be hatin’. All I know is if Kyochon is anything like MFC, and it starts expanding — voila.

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    I waited about 45min. The line was huge!

  • MattZ, i didnt wait quite as long (maybe 30 min?), but yes, apparently this $5 special has drawn a crowd. though interestingly, the guys in front of me didnt know of the discount.

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    Yeah, I think I got there about 1:15, so probably I was there at the longest pont. But the food was delicious as usual.
    My coworker went to Schnitzel & Things at the same time and was just about finished with her lunch when I returned with mine. They ran out of the Weiner Schnitzel by the time she got there though.

  • What’s better, fried chicken or fried pork?

  • IMO, the fried chicken. the pork is hit or miss. but you can try both, by ordering the “Porken”, and taste for yourself. and as stated above, the $5 discounted price applies to it as well!

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    Sooo good for $5. For those who need to work on this gloomy day, it’s something nice.

    And the portions are normal size. I have some leftover.

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