It’s True… I’m Moving to Los Angeles

So I wanted to let you guys know that the rumors are true. I am moving to Los Angeles at the end of the month. But don’t worry, Midtown Lunch as you know it isn’t going anywhere. Much more on that once everything is finalized… but the more pertinent news is that we’ll be expanding to cover Downtown and Philadelphia full time at the end of this week (with one familiar face.) And, in a move that should surprise nobody, starting next month I’ll begin eating my way through the amazing Los Angeles lunch and street food scene for your viewing pleasure. (Although I will say here and now, even in L.A., the no salad rule still stands!)

More on all of these new developments coming soon…


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    Zach, good luck!

    Over/under on when we see a pic of Harry with his first In-N-Out Burger?

  • I agree it won’t be the same without Zach. When my office moved to midtown, the only places I ate were McDonalds and Cosi, since I was still afraid of carts. Then I read this gem:

    With the reassuring note “No negative side effects… from a Mexican cart…”, which was all I needed to hear. It wasn’t great, but it was my first step into a larger world, and if it wasn’t for Zach, I’d still be eating boring chain food. I don’t think anyone else can fill his shoes.

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    Hey Zach – thanks for everything man. You’ve created a bunch of food-cart junkies over here. You helped me discover more than one of my fellow vendors.

  • Who cares about L.A.? Please tell me you’ll be keeping all the Philly and La-La land crap in a separate section so we here in Midtown don’t have to sift through it for the good reviews? Who will be replacing you, and what criteria are you using to hire them?

    And you *are* abandoning us. Make no mistake. The heart of this site (midtown) will not be the same without you.

  • Dammit! Zach good luck to you and your family! Who’s ass am I going to kiss for links now? I promise less hyperbole!!

  • c’est la vie and see ya later

  • Are for you going to be David Beckhams bitch?

  • The end is near.

  • Damn.
    You will be missed Zach.
    best of luck to yoU!

  • Conrad, tell that to Mia Farrow

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    Good Luck in LA and its traffic. On the plus side, your going to have In & Out.

  • Best of luck to you Z! We’ll eat again ;)

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    upon hearing the news:
    8-) :-O :^) :| :’( :-$ :-@ ^o) (A)

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    So, so, so sad :(

  • Hey, good luck with the move, thanks for making the ‘official’ announcement here (too easy to be ‘outed’ in today’s info-heavy society), and I’m sure things will settle down.

    And seriously, what (if any) is the LA equivalent of “Midtown”? I’d hate to see a generic “LA Lunch” that covers the entire sprawling city. You need a FOCUS, man, and then have the “out-of-bounds” topics.

  • “I just won’t be eating the lunches in Midtown anymore…”

    Well that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? While this may be great for the burgeoning Zach Brooks Lunchtime Media Empire, it’s most assuredly a net loss for us poor schlubs who continue to work and eat in midtown.

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    Zach -

    When I moved to NYC from New Orleans, this site was pivotal in directing me to worthy options. Thank you for your contribution to this community and good luck in whatever the future holds.

    I’m upset about your departure only for selfish reasons. I’m glad to see that you’re doing what’s best for you.

  • Best of luck to you Zach. Just be careful in the land of crazies. I really think they are all nuts out there. It was wonderful having you to help all of us food virgins get the courage to try new things.
    Thanks again for it all.

  • zach, don’t give up on salads yet, Los Angeles manages to make the most unhealthy salads ever.

    Taco salad: Deep fried jumbo white tortilla filled with carne asada (or pork), refried beans, topped with a measly amount of romaine and finished with shredded cheese, guac, sour cream and salsa. Now THAT IS A SALAD!

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