It’s True… I’m Moving to Los Angeles

So I wanted to let you guys know that the rumors are true. I am moving to Los Angeles at the end of the month. But don’t worry, Midtown Lunch as you know it isn’t going anywhere. Much more on that once everything is finalized… but the more pertinent news is that we’ll be expanding to cover Downtown and Philadelphia full time at the end of this week (with one familiar face.) And, in a move that should surprise nobody, starting next month I’ll begin eating my way through the amazing Los Angeles lunch and street food scene for your viewing pleasure. (Although I will say here and now, even in L.A., the no salad rule still stands!)

More on all of these new developments coming soon…


  • Agreed. Those recent downtown lunch posters have been trying too hard. I couldn’t handle the site if all posts were like that.

  • Judas!!!!!!! They can’t do what you do. Did you get seduced by Max’s spiel in Annie Hall? LA is only a temptress, NY is the wife.

  • dont do it Zach, you’ll end up sleeping with Pauly Shore and doing chubby porn.

  • Funny, vd….So,Zach..How does midtown lunch continue if you are not in nyc? It’s much like DocChuck for example..I cant understand how he can comment on anything that takes place in NYC when he doesnt live here….Explain..

  • Are we ever going to find out what exactly is calling you out to the land of bland? Or is it none of uour damn business?

    Seriously, good luck to you and your family. Leaving NY is difficult. Make it fun.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Zach, you will be missed.

  • Zach, you leaving NYC for LA is like the Beastie Boys leaving Brooklyn for LA! Fuhgettaboutit!

  • Oh, by the way, where are you going to eat for your LAST Midtown Lunch?

  • Sorry to hear that you’ll be missing the expansion of Shake Shack to midtown. Though, now you’ll have In n Out.

    Take care out there!

  • Tears of sadness….poor harry’s going to be raised around a bunch of hippy vegan kids whose parents are afaird to cross on a don’t walk sign! (it happened to me in LA–someone scolded me for crossing!) Not to mention that he will be mercilessly mocked for his meatfilled lunches!!! BOO!!!!!!! Keep Harry in NY! Or at least assure us this move is temporary! NY kicks LA’s ass!!!!!!

  • oh man, i didn’t want to believe those ugly rumors…

  • Good luck in L.A.!

    Also nice to hear that there won’t be any formal replacements. You’ll just need somebody else to do the street meats eating while you’re gone. Boo!

  • Zach, better ask Rahman for tips on how to effectively establish an empire. Best of luck. Hopefully the site can continue with the same kind of flair without you being in New York.

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    I’m thrilled to hear that L.A. and Philly will get the Midtown Lunch treatment, but am sorry to hear the NYC food scene is losing an innovator. Thank you for all you’ve invested and contributed to the food scene here Zach. You’ll be missed

    - Emily / @EmilysPearl

  • @ Goats: Don’t you think it’s a little early to be rekindling the East Coast vs West Coast feud? I’ve actually had that happen to me as well when I was in LA. Promptly asking the person who put the sand in their cooch that morning.

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    The reason this site is so good is because of your witty insights and writing, Zach. This is the only blog I consistently read every day, and I have enjoyed eating in Midtown (despite my dislike of food trucks and carts) so much more since I found this site. You will be missed.

  • @MGHU: There is no “feud”–by now, EVERYONE knows NYC kicks LA’s ass–so what’s the issue? LOL….

  • What ever happend to the downtownluch site that was launching soon…?

  • D – it’s already there. Go to the forums.

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