Times Restaurant Closed By the DOH… Again


It has not been a good few days for food establishment using the “Times” moniker.  The New York Times cafeteria was closed last week after a health scare, and now the Times Restaurant (on 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th) has been closed by the Department of Health.  This is nothing new for the Indian buffet formerly known as Kashmir, they were closed by the DOH just 15 months ago. There is some positive news in all this, though. It looks like they rolled the price of the buffet back to $9.95 from the $14.95 that was reported last week!

Also as a side note, I’d also like to point out that none of the owners of the surrounding restaurants were seen celebrating this closure in any way.

Kashmir Becomes the “The Buffet of Record”
Adventure Lunchers Should Flock to Kashmir Buffet

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  • I am ALWAYS surprised and pleased when the good people in the New Yawk City Dept. of Health closes down one of those filthy restaurants operated by just-off-the-boat immigrants who seem to be intent upon making us American folks sick (are they ‘food terrorists’, perhaps?).

    You Midtown Lunchers should be thankful —
    VERY thankful — for the NYC Health Department, which has probably kept you alive, and/or out of the hospital to this very day.

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