Kashmir Becomes “The Buffet of Record”?


The owners of the Kashmir Buffet (on 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th) can’t seem to make up their mind.  The Pakistani/Indian buffet, which used to boast about their 30 year history on their sign, changed to The Cave (after some DOH issues), back to Kashmir, and now this… The Times Bar & Restaurant?  They still offer a $10 lunch buffet, and according to a worker in Kashmir Express (the takeout spot located at street level) the food is still the same… although he admitted that Kashmir Express and “The Times” are no longer owned by the same people.  No idea what any of this means, but I can’t imagine naming your restaurant after a newspaper is going to help business.  Unless maybe you’re an otherwise nondescript halal cart

Adventure Lunchers Should Flock to Kashmir Buffet

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