Kashmir Buffet Replaced by A Bar With Pool Table


This is kind of old news I think, but I completely missed it when reporting on Kashmir Express’ re-opening last month. The original downstairs Buffet portion of Kashmir did not reopen last month along with Kashmir Express (the upstairs by-the-lb-buffet take out portion).  Instead, they are converting what used to be a restaurant with an all you can eat Indian buffet, into a bar called “Cave Lounge”.  Kind of strange considering the “Express” part has never really seemed to take off (while the buffet had a few fans). 

The interior of the cave, plus the one piece of good news is after the jump…


Pool table!  That’s fun.  The one benefit is it looks like ”The Cave” is still under the same ownership, so when you buy take out food from Kashmir Express they will let you take it downstairs into the Cave to eat.  Great news if you hate taking food back to your office (and would be interested in getting a game of pool in during lunch.)

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