Kashmir Express Reopens as the Indian Takeout Place it Always Should Have Been


In a surprising development, Kashmir Express (the by the pound buffet that lives above the all you can eat Kashmir Buffet on 8th btw. 39+40th) has reopened.  I thought for sure that when they closed back in July that would be the end of this ill conceived take out joint, but they’ve returned like a Pakistani phoenix.  Gone is the strange, and grossly unappetizing by the pound buffet that used to untouched- replaced by a standard take out counter featuring much of the same food available before (but now in proper take out form.)  They also have kati rolls.

Check it out, after the jump.


The brand new interior.


The menu.


I still think the food looks a little weird behind glass.  They should have just put it in a steam table behind the counter (like Minar). Oh well.


Pre made kebab rolls?  Meh.  I’m guessing they’ll make them fresh if you ask.


This place has been open 30 years!? Amazing.


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