Times’ New Critic Sam Sifton Likes Go Go Curry

Time's Halal Food
“Uh… excuse me. Do you know if Sam Sifton eats here?”

If you read any other food blog in the universe besides this one, than by now you know that the New York Times is replacing their food critic, Frank Bruni, with Sam Sifton. Unlike Bruni, who probably didn’t spend a ton of time in the New York Times building (on 8th Ave. btw. 40+41st), Sifton is the culture editor for the paper and one would assume is there every day.  Which leads me to wonder… where does Sam Sifton each lunch every day?

While everybody else is probably wondering what kind of food critic he’ll make- I’m more curious about whether or not anybody has noticed this guy eating at Popeye’s or Ying Du. What about Pick-a-Pita, or even the (hilariously named) Time’s Halal Food cart on the corner of 40th and 8th?

According to Eater he likes katsu curry, and had this to say about ML fave Go Go Curry in this New York Times Magazine article from last year:

Miyamori is the proprietor of a chain of 26 Go Go Curry restaurants in Japan; he opened his 27th in Manhattan’s garment district in 2007. The restaurant was an instant lunchtime hit and is packed daily with rheumy-eyed young office workers solving last night’s problems with a massive lunch alongside Japanese tourists getting their version of a hometown fast-food fix. You could eat in the place every noon for a week and not figure out how to make the stuff.

The Diner’s Journal is soliciting for questions that the new critic will answer. Here’s mine: What are your favorite places to eat lunch every day near the New York Times Building? Oh, and congrats on the new gig.


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    Apparently Midtown Lunch isn’t a blog. Maybe something on a higher plane of existance? http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/08/05/sam-sifton-how-im-preparing-and-what-i-weigh/

    But why settle for a simple question to be answered. He obviously knows the site, so how about next Tuesday’s profiled Freak…errr….Lunch’r?

  • BTW – I saw the above article that RSB links via your Twitter conversation (I don’t know what weird name those have) with Danny, Kathryn, and Wined & Dined… I didn’t get the feeling he was bashing you specifically either. Plus I agree with him: I don’t trust Yelper’s opinions, or random bloggers’ opinions. It takes time reading a blog before I know “hey, this person eats similarly to me, I think I can take his/her suggestions” or “I just like this blog because of the pretty pictures but honestly they’re kind of a dbag and I will probably not take any of their recs seriously”…
    Sorry, I know this isn’t completely related to your post, but I just wanted to put it out there. :)

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