Kashmir Offers Up More Creative DOH Cover Ups

DSC00297Kashmir, the Indian place on 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th was closed by the DOH, and their creativity had me almost believing they actually were just “Closed For Renovations.”  The first tactic they used is nothing new… they pulled the gate down half way, covering up the DOH sticker that was put on their take out by the lb buffet shop that is above ground.  But their cover up on the actual downstairs restaurant, was something I’d never seen before.  Check it out after the jump…


I’ve seen shops put “closed for renovation” signs over their DOH stickers… and I’m guessing that is illegal, or else everybody would do it.  But what if you open the door that the DOH sticker appears on and put your renovations sign over what is technically the back of the DOH sticker. To the passerby, the sticker is totally covered- but technically they didn’t put cover it up.  Well played Kashmir. 

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised about the DOH thing.  Even I have never been tempted by their by the lb buffet upstairs (there’s just something that seems weird about that place) and the downstairs all you can eat buffet has always had a weird vibe as well.  Let’s see if they even manage to reopen


  • I’ve eaten @ the buffet once when I first started working in Midtown some time ago. It wasn’t so bad…but who knows.

  • I did the downstairs buffet once years ago. That was more than enough for me. The upstairs buffet was only slightly better but still….not so good.

  • When a place of food titled “Kashmir” bears both Pakistan and Indian cuisines on it – chances are its either Pakistani run or Bangladeshi run. I dont mean be communal here but when you say an Indian place was shut down by the DOH due to sanitary reasons – it does in some way or the other perpetuate that Indian places are dirty places to eat. I love your website and dont mean to sound political (at that same I dont intend to be apologetic either- I am, after all making a point) – I would like it if you didn’t bunch them South Asians under the same culinary identity. There’s too much diversity for a typical midtowner to care, I agree, but it does hurt that sliver of people who get reminded of home when eating this cuisine. saying that however, this place might have been shutdown for legitimate reasons.

  • @ Varun

    Quit being so sensitive. It’s not like Indian restaurants are all bastions of cleanliness. By eating out in this city, we all are pretty much exposing ourselves to the inherent grime of New York.

    Don’t get too offended that he referred to the restaurant as Indian, considering it says “INDIAN” on the sign in front.

  • Fine..agreed..I was over-reacting (I wasnt getting my usual curry fix I guess) – its a redundant argument. Eating out in the city is probably the closest I get to home food…so I guess Ill just ignore my culinary identity crisis for now and eat from that new ‘Indian’ place !

  • I ate there a few times. Didn’t seem too bad to me. Though this was the first time I ever had a caucasian server at an indian restaurant.

  • but it is open again. god knows how. the most disgusting place with the most disgusting food served in disgustingly never washed utensils

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