Buffet Formerly Known as Kashmir Goes Insane

In perhaps the craziest 8th Ave. price hike of all time, the Times Restaurant (formerly known as Kashmir) has raised the price of their lunchtime buffet to $14.95!?! With the New York Times cafeteria closed yesterday for health reasons, I have no doubt the places around 8th Ave. and 40th Street will be extra crowded today.  But $9 to $15 in under a year?  That’s crazytown.  I’d recommend walking up to 47th for Spice Fusion’s $11 buffet. [Photo and News Courtesy of The NYTPicker]

Adventure Lunchers Should Flock to Kashmir Buffet
Kashmir Becomes “The Buffet of Record”?


  • I would rather eat 3 plates of halal than cheap quality/ overpriced buffet.

  • i’d rather eat go go curry if i am in that area. =)

  • Spice Fusion and Go Go Curry are both good alternatives. And don’t forget the chicken parm sub at Labeleca (40th/7th)!

  • I would rather eat Texas dirt than be ripped off by fresh-off-the-boat corrupt charlatans like the Times Restaurant (formerly known as Kashmir) owners who are ripping off my friends in Midtown.

    I say, tie ’em up, throw ’em on the next out-bound freighter (like the one on which they arrived), and be done with it.

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