Street Sweets Truck Forced to Change Name, Want You To Help (For a $500 Prize!)

Man, the Street Sweets Truck just can’t catch a break.  They burst onto the scene back in June, and immediately became embroiled in a turf battle with two restaurants on 55th Street that ended with the fire department being called.  In their next spot, in front of MoMa, they were surrounded by angry hot dog carts.  They’ve finally settled into a solid spot on 50th btw. 6+7th and now they’re being forced to change their name!  They’re not saying exactly why they have to change their name, but i’m guessing it has something to do with this.

Anyway, the good news is they’re holding a naming contest for their fans- and the winner will get a $500 American Express Gift Card, and a $100 gift certificate to the truck. The email from Street Sweets, with all the details, is after the jump…

January 6th, 2009

An important message to our incredible friends and customers.

It is with regret that we announce Street Sweets is being forced to undergo a name change. Virtually since our inception we, as the owners of Street Sweets, have fought hard to keep our name, however there are times when it is best to move forward and surrender to a fight, a fight that on several fronts would be difficult to sustain and ultimately win.

In making this difficult announcement we are looking to make our name transition as interesting and as fun as possible. Therefore we are announcing a naming competition, where two prizes would be awarded to the individual who comes up with the name that replaces our current name, which MUST pass through all trade mark hurdles. We would prefer that the new name contain the word “sweets” in it, although that is not a steadfast criteria.

The naming competition starts immediately, and will end on Monday January 25, 2010 at 11:59pm with the winning entry being announced shortly thereafter. The person who submits the chosen name will receive both a $500 American Express Gift Card, and a $100 gift certificate to our mobile bakery/cafe.

All submissions should be made by going to our website and submitting it under our contact tab.

The person who submits the entry that is ultimately chosen to replace our current name will be asked to sign a release giving up all rights and future claims to that name.

We wish all who submit entries the best of luck. Feel free to submit as many entries as you would like.

My vote is the “Macarella Mobile”! (Those cookies are freakin’ awesome…)

Checking Out the Macarella (and Yoko) at the Street Sweets Truck
The Street Sweets Truck Top 5


  • I will add sweet street is an active mark owned by the whiny ass PA company….

  • LOL!! @ Squelching :-)

  • Pimp My Sweets

  • i actually never really loved anything i got from TT either. i could def make way tastier.

  • Man, after that rant, I’m afraid to respond to Goats’ comments. But they are a “global company” (as they state on their site), marketing and selling online. They seem to be pretty big on IP too, claiming 15 patents (undoubtedly design patents, but I only found one (silly) one–a pie with curly things dotted near the edge).

    Goats, you know the IP mantra–defend it or lose it. Street Sweets, Sweet Street–if not confusing, it’s at least a tongue twister! And even if there’s no real “likelihood of confusion” it still costs a lot of time and money to demonstrate that. Much cheaper to offer a few hundred $$ for a new name, and get a new paint job for the truck and website!

    Hope your day is improving–maybe you need a good vape?

  • For $2.50, I can make two dozen very tasty cupcakes.Add a dollar for tasty cream-cheese-based frosting, less for buttercream.

  • I defer to you, Steven P, the recognized midtown lunch trademark expert–and hear you on the cost of defense…

    Yes, I want a vape real bad…saving my pennies!

  • lemme know if you want a test drive. (BTW, my gf is the real tm expert–former Examiner and all. I defer to her on these (and other) matters!

  • Wow–I’ve dealt with the occasional examiner at the TM office in Va. They were actually very helpful….

    I’ve gotten several test drives already…LOL! Now, it’s only a question of me busting out my credit card! Where you in McCormacks over the weekend by the way?>

  • You actually inspired me Stevenp….it’s on the way!!!!!!! I splurged!

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    The brownies are actually a good deal. They are huge and so rich that two or three of us snacked off of one.

    Some of the little cookies seem a bit expensive, but hey, everyone has to pay the rent somehow.

  • The Global Mobile Sweets Experience!

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