Street Sweets Truck Forced to Change Name, Want You To Help (For a $500 Prize!)

Man, the Street Sweets Truck just can’t catch a break.  They burst onto the scene back in June, and immediately became embroiled in a turf battle with two restaurants on 55th Street that ended with the fire department being called.  In their next spot, in front of MoMa, they were surrounded by angry hot dog carts.  They’ve finally settled into a solid spot on 50th btw. 6+7th and now they’re being forced to change their name!  They’re not saying exactly why they have to change their name, but i’m guessing it has something to do with this.

Anyway, the good news is they’re holding a naming contest for their fans- and the winner will get a $500 American Express Gift Card, and a $100 gift certificate to the truck. The email from Street Sweets, with all the details, is after the jump…

January 6th, 2009

An important message to our incredible friends and customers.

It is with regret that we announce Street Sweets is being forced to undergo a name change. Virtually since our inception we, as the owners of Street Sweets, have fought hard to keep our name, however there are times when it is best to move forward and surrender to a fight, a fight that on several fronts would be difficult to sustain and ultimately win.

In making this difficult announcement we are looking to make our name transition as interesting and as fun as possible. Therefore we are announcing a naming competition, where two prizes would be awarded to the individual who comes up with the name that replaces our current name, which MUST pass through all trade mark hurdles. We would prefer that the new name contain the word “sweets” in it, although that is not a steadfast criteria.

The naming competition starts immediately, and will end on Monday January 25, 2010 at 11:59pm with the winning entry being announced shortly thereafter. The person who submits the chosen name will receive both a $500 American Express Gift Card, and a $100 gift certificate to our mobile bakery/cafe.

All submissions should be made by going to our website and submitting it under our contact tab.

The person who submits the entry that is ultimately chosen to replace our current name will be asked to sign a release giving up all rights and future claims to that name.

We wish all who submit entries the best of luck. Feel free to submit as many entries as you would like.

My vote is the “Macarella Mobile”! (Those cookies are freakin’ awesome…)

Checking Out the Macarella (and Yoko) at the Street Sweets Truck
The Street Sweets Truck Top 5


  • “but i’m guessing it has something to do with this.”

    with what?

  • Whoops… forgot to add the link. Just added it..

  • Am I missing something or is some stupid company in bumf*CK reading Pennsylvania giving a NY truck shit? Trademark infringement my ass…..that is frivolous…Who the fuck is going to ever hear of that company in NYC? Who would be confused by the source…Steven P—you must agree! This is beyond bogus!

  • i second the macarellas!! also second goats’ comment. this is absolutely ridiculous. the street sweets team needs to find themselves a better attorney.

  • I’m not an attorney, but I don’t think a lawsuit by the other company is frivolous at all. They had the name first, they’ve been in business for over 30 years, and more importantly, they sell the same things. Sounds like the owners of the truck didn’t do their research from the get-go.

  • The original company has every right to keep their name. I’m sure they’ve worked hard to build their brand and image. And I don’t think it matters that they’re not in NYC!

  • I this is all a moot point as the Truck is now looking for a new name. That’s the point of the post.
    I just submitted about 5 names, fingers crossed!

  • That company is Sweet Street the truck is Street Sweets, I guess too close for comfort :-/

  • Pigiron, Abmitious–do you know a thing about trademark law? Can I mock you? or would that be mean?

    It DOES matter where the business is located, as well as its recognition–in this case in NY! Trademark laws protect the source of goods in this case and seeks to prevent consumer confusion. when you think of street sweets truck, do you think ofg this bumfuck coimpany 100s of miles away???? FUCKIN HELL NO! NO YOU DON’T! This is BS! a BS claim….I am so sick of people who know shit about IP starting frivilous bs trouble for others….this is why I hate my job half the time!!!!!

    Ok, rant over…

  • I’m not a trademark law lawyer and not as smart as you. Thanks, goats for putting me in my place.

  • Sorry–super annoying day for goats..don’t mean to take it out on you good people….

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    well they can finally change it to a more appropriate name
    ‘The Overpriced and Underwhelming Truck’

  • I have yet to try anything from the sweets trucks–b/c I’m cheap….and usually just make my own sweets.

  • I had a chocolate cookie for 2.50

  • I am sorry but i think if you are selling anything off a truck, it should and must have a good price.
    For $2.50, i can buy a good size tongue taco.

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    you’re comparing apples to oranges here

  • Trademark is federal law–that means if Street Sweet is a registered federal trademark in continuous use, the owner can block other users in the registered classes (e.g. desserts) anywhere in the US of A. Sorry if that rubs you the wrong way, goats.

  • Sorry, Goats, but as I clearly said, I am not an attorney, and I fully admit that I don’t know a thing about trademark law. I was expressing an opinion. Please feel free to mock me, because I care so deeply about what you think. Sheesh.

  • Ceh–I am not sure you are right….not if there is no chance of confusion as to source. I believe there are multiple marks in the same registered class in many cases–especially of companies competing in limited geographic regions. The truck could fight this and win. Moreover, Street Sweets is not an active mark at this time…..I checked–so no matter there. As I said, this seems like total bs to me….random bullying which i see all too often.

  • @pigiron—You care what I think dammnit! I am right! Right I say!!!!! Squelching the misinformation! Squelching!!!!!!!

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