Does Anybody Even Like Toasties?


Wasn’t it just last month that Toasties opened their 3rd Midtown location in the old Rosen’s Deli (on 51st btw. Mad+5th). Now it looks like they are also taking over the old Chicken Bar space on 52nd btw. Lex+3rd. I’ve never actually been inside a Toasties, but I’m starting to wonder if I’m missing anything here. I’ve always seen it as just another one of those generic Midtown delis. Am I wrong? Do they have some sort of toasted sandwich craziness that I have to try? Any Toasties fans out there? (The other 2 Midtown locations are on 3rd Ave. btw. 55+56th, and 48th btw. Mad+5th.)


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    Their biggest fans are probably lazy Midtown workers who can’t be bothered to walk more than 1 block for food.

  • @5DollarQueen – I see you’ve met my co-workers LOL

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    I like toasties’ spicy roast beef sandwich and their downtown sandwich with extra horse radish… They have some other pretty good sandwiches and they have a chicken platter thing (not sandwich) that is surprisingly good for what it is…

    Certe and Toasties are both about the same distance from my office (about 6-7 blocks), but Certe can get a little more expensive and i don’t always love their midtownlunch sandwich entries..

    But I should mention that I also like Lenny’s and what use to be chicken bar…

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    I used to go to the one in union square, and they put an entire avocado on some of their sandwiches.

  • my co-workers love toasties, it’s about a 10 minute walk from here, which is far for them. (but they also love generic delis). I had a salad there once.. it was fine.

  • …trouble is…the insides are like napalm….and god help you if an onion string/pepper hits your chin….scared for life.

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    Never been there. No compelling reason to start.

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    Toasties is NOT a generic deli! I go to the Toasties on 48th St. between Madison and 5th, and it is AMAZING! Hot food is like comfort food (the guy who serves the food periodically likes to yell, “Food is Good!”), the grill has tasty grilled chicken and roast beef sandwiches, cold sandwiches are stuffed with meat, huge design-your-own-salad bar, and even the pizza is good.

    Zach — HIGHLY recommended that you go to this Toasties and review it! You WILL be impressed!

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    The only question is why are they opening stores so close to each other? Will the older ones close?

  • Been to the ex-Rosen’s Toasties. It’s… clean, and they’re efficient, and the pastrami and corned beef are good. The price for what you get is ok (and they have a buy 10, get 1 free card).

    They’re an above-average midtown deli. If I gotta have a sandwich, better them than, say, Subway.

  • I am also a Toasties fan (56th and 3rd Ave Location). They have a Rosemary Chicken Lunch Platter special, you get to pick sides, nothing to write home about side wise, that is fantastic. It is a huge chicken breast, baked in this buttery salty sauce, and each breast has a whole garlic clove baked in there. Oh, and it costs 9.75 total, so you come in under the $10.00 limit. I really recommend this!

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    My co-workers stopped going to Pax and have been going to Toasties since they opened on 3rd a couple years back. They all rave about certain hot dishes. I’ve never been inside.

  • lunch doesnt always have to come from a cart…toasties is pretty damn good.

  • Definitely a step above your generic midtown deli. I’ve been going to the ex-Rosen’s location since it opened and it is clean, bright space that does a good job with above average quality food. Even the bread they use is a step above in terms of freshness. The sandwich selection is broad and in some cases unique (especially the grill sandwiches). One of my favorites is the “E-Z” (grilled turkey with melted monterey pepper jack cheese, crispy bacom, sauteed mushrooms and mayo). The “Union Square” is pretty good too (grilled cracked pepper turkey with melted monterey pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, lettuce and dijon mustard). Even the hot pastrami (from the carving station/steam table) is pretty good (alas not as good as Rosens used to be – but that’s in another thread).

    Definitely worth you checking out.

  • Our company sometimes orders Toasties for lunch; their buffalo chicken sammiches are good.

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    This is the definition of a generic midtown deli.

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    “better them than, say, Subway.”

    Damning praise, indeed.

    @ pshinnyc – nice mugshot, good job cropping the numbers out.

  • @ Bossman LOLOL

  • @Bossman – it’s still just a sandwich. Nice to have someone make it for me, sure, but it’s not tough to replicate at home for far less.

  • Bossmans cranky…2nd aniversary since Blondie stood him up.

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