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An Update From the Toasties Completist: Higher Prices, New Sandwiches

As you may recall, I’ve been known to partake in the occasional pretty much every single Toasties sandwich ever made so you can imagine my surprise when, walking through the 51st and Madison location the other day, I noticed the menu had been entirely redone. I don’t mean that they scrapped any items from the menu, but that the actual boards hanging inside had been redesigned and reorganized. Naturally, I scanned the new menu for any changes to its contents.

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The ML Guide to Toasties (From A Guy Who’s Eaten Every Single Sandwich at Toasties)

Yes, you read that correctly. I have eaten every single sandwich on the Toasties menu (and then some). Some Midtown Lunch readers may brush Toasties off as another generic deli, but I beg to differ. My home location, at 51st street and Madison, may be connected to my office building, and I may not even have to step outside to go there, but that’s not why I eat at Toasties. There’s a reason why they’ve got locations all over midtown and there’s a reason why you’ll see any given Toasties packed during lunch hours. They make great sandwiches – trust me, I’ve tried them all.

I don’t get the haters. The ingredients are real and fresh, the sandwiches are huge and reasonably priced, the menu is loaded with unique options, and the people prepping the food are always happy to accommodate custom orders. I’ll admit, I’ve had the occasional poorly constructed Toasties sandwich, but given the crazy amount of rush hour business they get, and the fact that there are minimum ten different guys making the food during lunch hours, of course there’s going to be some inconsistency. But if you order the right sandwich, and that sandwich is made with the right amount of love, you’re in for a real treat.

A look at practically every single Toasties sandwich after the jump…

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Don’t Be Mad, But I Was Pleasantly Surprised By Toasties

I have passed by Toasties (on 49th btw 6+7) a hundred times over the years (usually going to and from Sapporo) and never had any desire to go in. The sea of button-down shirts always seemed too daunting for just a sandwich at a place I assumed to be just another generic deli-type spot. A few months ago, I began to consider the fact that if this place is always so jammed, maybe there’s something to it. And you know what? I was pleasantly surprised by huge sandwiches in combinations I haven’t seen elsewhere.
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Does Anybody Even Like Toasties?


Wasn’t it just last month that Toasties opened their 3rd Midtown location in the old Rosen’s Deli (on 51st btw. Mad+5th). Now it looks like they are also taking over the old Chicken Bar space on 52nd btw. Lex+3rd. I’ve never actually been inside a Toasties, but I’m starting to wonder if I’m missing anything here. I’ve always seen it as just another one of those generic Midtown delis. Am I wrong? Do they have some sort of toasted sandwich craziness that I have to try? Any Toasties fans out there? (The other 2 Midtown locations are on 3rd Ave. btw. 55+56th, and 48th btw. Mad+5th.)