Schnitzel & Things to Revamp Menu


I guess the Schnitzel & Things truck was inspired by last week’s This is Why You’re Fat Eat N Tweet Challenge, because on Friday they decided to wrap a bratwurst in pork schnitzel- you know, for schnitz and giggles*. They haven’t decided if they will add this… thing to the menu, which has yet to be named (I’m pushing for “porn dog”), but I think it would be a delightful sister item to the already grotesquely beautiful schnitzel burger.  In the meantime they’re hard at work in the “schnitzel lab” trying to perfect some new options that will be unveiled next week as part of a completely revamped menu.

A list of new dishes you just might see a week from today is after the jump…

Included in the list of possibilities right now is butternut squash soup, brandade croquets (salt cod and mashed potatoes), julienne of carrot & daikon salad, celery, apple and blue cheese salad, chicken paprika, and mashed potatoes.  Plus the veal schnitzel will more than likely return, and they are still trying to perfect their spaetzle recipe (which debuted last week, but they’re not completely satisfied with it.)

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Schnitzel & Things Truck is Veal-Tastic!

*SENY gets full credit for “schnitz and giggles”.


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    Actually, Schnitz & Giggles was the name of the bar owned by the brothers in Beerfest. The SENY link wasn’t working, so I don’t know which reference came out first. That looks intriguing, to say the least, however.

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    They also are kicking around the idea of some kind of rewards card which in addition to buy 10 get one free – would have a line pass ability. Not sure if it’ll come to fruition but I’d totally be game as the 20+ minute waits suck

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    I would like for them to come up with a way to keep the cold ‘juice’ from the cuke salad from soaking into the hot fries, rendering them wet and nasty.

    Kick that around in the ‘schnitz lab’

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    i had no idea that this truck was parked near me every wednesday… my god… all the food i could have missed…

  • help. i’m being bombarded by puns on a monday.

  • I don’t care what it is called, I just want to try it.

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    Yesterday I finally found a short enough line at the truck so that I was willing to wait in order to finally get a taste of what everyone seems so excited about. I wanted a sandwich but they were out of bread at 1 pm when I was there, so I paid up the extra $2 for the platter. I got the cod and I have to say it was nothing to get excited about. Pretty bland, and got wet from the ho-hum cucumber salad that was packed into the same expensive plastic dish. I will give it another try and go for the pork or the veal, but for anyone considering paying $10 for the cod, I’d say go somewhere else.

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