BofA Forces $1 Hot Dog Lady to Move… Again


A quick update on Eliana, the hot dog lady who had her cart seized by police last month when they kicked all the vendors off the NW corner of 43rd St. and 6th Ave. With the help of the Street Vendor Project, she got her cart back and returned to her regular spot last Monday. Sadly, on Tuesday a building manager from the Bank of American Tower (on 6th Ave. btw. 42+43rd) called and complained to the cops- who forced Eliana to move. She is now parked across 6th Ave., on the NE Corner of 43rd St., along with the other vendors who were forced to move (El Rey del Sabor and the halal cart), but is hoping at some point to return to the regular spot that she vended from with no issues for 15 years.

Street Vendor Project Going to Court Today to Fight For The 43rd St. Hot Dog Lady
BREAKING: Cops Seize Two Carts on 43rd… El Rey Del Sabor is Next


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    this is the same woman that stood on the cart and kept it stuck in the middle of the street causing a traffic jam and later a physical altercation right?

    people have short memories, 15 years of nothing doesnt mean much if people saw you go crazy one month ago

  • The real issue is whether the building had the right to ask her to move. The fact that she’s been there for 15 yrs doesn’t really matter much if the building could have asked her to move at anytime, but chose not to. This also brings into question what the rules are and why make the rules they way they are.

  • @danny – Buildings can do whatever they want. They call, the cops listen. The sad thing is, she’s not even parked in front of the building that complained. She’s across 43rd Street.

  • Wow. Can this poor lady get a break? Might need to take an afternoon snack attack for an old fashioned hot dog today.

  • She seems like the innocent victim here, but it’s just a hot dog cart, she can park just about anywhere and do the same business, there are no lines for dirty water dogs in midtown.

  • Thank the durst org for that!

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    She wasnt on that corner for all of the last 15 years. She was actually on the SE corner of 43rd(Grace Building) for awhile b4 moving across the street to the NW corner of 43rd. Now she is on the NE(Hippodrome) corner. This corner is notorious for bird droppings. Just be careful if you are waiting on line for ERDS or the cart from the traffic-jam causing lady.

  • do these carts pay off building workers at all? it would seem prudent to ‘buy’ them off with free hot dogs and such so they wouldn’t call the cops.

  • I came to say hello to Eliana today… and have one of her delicious $1 hotdogs. I explained how I saw her on and how there are people that support vendors out there. She removed her sunglasses and started crying. My heart just.. broke.

    The nice woman who sits with her told me that Eliana will not be out tomorrow- as she is going to her lawyer tomorrow. May she get some justice.

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    oh sorry, that was a greek cart woman, not hotdog cart woman… my bad!

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    Hi, I’m here with Eliana now, back at her spot. We’re hoping the police will come so we can solve this problem once and for all.

    Stop by and say hello.

    Street Vendor Project

  • Poor Eliana, my heart goes out to her.

  • Thanks, Sean. My heart goes out to Eliana, too. Unfortunately I’m already home, downtown. Good luck!

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    Latch on Sean, ride the publicity for all it’s worth.

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