El Rey Del Sabor Settling Into New Spot (For Now)


The El Rey Del Sabor cart that got kicked out of their spot on 43rd and 6th appears to have made the transition across 6th Ave. into a new spot.  They’ve been on the NE corner of 43rd and 6th all week long without any problems, and have added a menu with prices (since it is required by law.) They plan on parking there for the foreseeable future, but sadly there is still no word from the hot dog vendor lady.


  • looks like they finally have a menu instead of just looking at pictures with no descriptions.

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    I wonder why so many vendors get away with not displaying prices?

    The hot dog guy on the corner of 51 and 6th rips off tourists all day long, though I badgered him into giving me the ‘new yorker’ price for a can of soda.

    I always wondered whether they had to display prices, but I couldn’t locate the city statute with the google. Thanks Zach.

  • oops, pays to read the whole post before commenting.

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    So far this week they have been at the NE Corner of 43rd & 6th Street, however, today, NYPD was there during lunch rush doing inspections. I tried the Tamales today and they are some of the best I have eaten and for $1.50 each, wow!

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