The Sad State of 43rd Street Between 6th and Broadway


Such a sad sad sight on 43rd street yesterday afternoon, after two carts were carted off by the cops and the El Rey Del Sabor fled the scene. We haven’t been able to find out exactly why the carts were taken away, but if it was because of the “No Standing” sign on that block, then no vendor is safe.  Almost every single block of Midtown has one of those signs.

I do need to apologize, though, for a mix-up regarding the other two carts next to El Rey del Sabor.  I reported incorrectly that it was the lady from the $1 hot dog cart (closest to the corner of 43rd and 6th) that was shown in the El Rey del Sabor street fight video.  Lunch’er “Wendy” pointed out the error in an email (which you can read after the jump…)

“I am a regular at the Mexican cart and spoke to them and the hot dog lady (courtesy of a Spanish translator) about what happened today as well. I just read your report. I wanted to point out that they seized the hot dog lady cart…the nice lady. She’s not from the video. She’s a Spanish speaking woman who has been there (according to her) for 26 years. I believe she has. She has a strong following and a really sweet demeanor. The foul speaking woman from the video I believe is from the Halal cart. I just wanted to clarify. The older woman from the hot dog cart (who’s been there 26 years) will now have to go to court to get her cart back. She says it will be mountains of money. I feel very bad for her. She was in tears. She was the original cart on that corner and it’s sad that she has to suffer from all this “war” crap.”

I completely agree. And sorry for the mix-up… I’ll make it up to her when she gets her cart back. I’ve always wanted an excuse to eat one of those $1 hot dogs.


  • Perhaps the Street Vendor Project can contribute legal funds, what with all those $80 Awards tix they sold.

  • Wow. And just to think about all the misguided hate directed towards this poor woman. What’s so bad is that she’s genuinely trying to make an honest living. I would gladly donate some funds to her to help her out.

  • This is a load of sh*t. This is all the fault of our crappy city govn’t., led by the shyster Michael Jackass Bloomberg and our moronic police force. I f’ing hate those guys! It seems just a “little” (beyond heavy sarcasm) unconstitional for the govn’t. to step in and take someone’s business/livelihood away prior to a hearing….but that’s just my legal thinking….

  • Little off topic, but aren’t they a terrorists bomb haven?.

    Had it here,litter bins, planters.

    Do the Buildings ‘own” the sidewalk/pavement up to the roadway?

    Couldn’t the vendors come to an alliance or an accord with the major manhattan landlords?

    I’m half tempted to open my own Truck…not a cart…i like to scoot,serve really good food….bone marrow….black pudding salad(see zachovas uk trip)pies…imagine a Bacon butty……..with proper English bacon..on the way to december…sat there on ya desk…as ya throw ya coat at Anne Hathaway…..

    I agree with goats….bloomberg is a twat.

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    There was a breakfast cart in the little old hot dog lady’s spot this morning, doing a brisk business. Maybe they were covered on Midtown Breakfast. :)

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