Don’t Miss Miss Softee’s Final Week Extravaganza

Queens Frostine

It’s Miss Softee’s last week parking in Midtown for the summer (and possibly forever if she finds something she likes doing more), and to celebrate she’s having a “special extravaganza” all week long.  Basically, every day this week she’ll be featuring almost every amazing special she’s ever served- all at the same time!  Stop by at some point before the end of the week to have your favorite for the last time.  Plus, on Friday there will be a special going away party from 4-8pm at a location TBD.  Follow her twitter (or the ML Twitter Tracker) for all of the up to minute updates.

PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Chrissy” (aka Miss Softee)
Meet Queen Frostine: The Ladies of Mister Softee


  • What do Mr and Miss Softee do during winter? Do they take a winter nap?

  • Too bad I’m not Mister Softee. I’d hibernate with Miss Softee through the winter. :P

    Damn, def. gotta visit her before she’s gone. Hope you’re back next summer or onto something greater.

  • She has double-cone specials today – any 2 specials, a lot of them available, on a double cone for $5 during lunch. Go get fat off of ice cream, peeps!

  • waitaminute, I thought we were boycotting all Mr Softee trucks because of their bullying, strong-arm tactics against other vendors! This truck bears the evil label. Support Miss Softee and support food-truck terrorism!

  • i should go get my cone dipped before she leaves for the winter.

  • zach and all the midtown lunchers,

    can’t thank you guys enough for all the support and love this summer!! will definitely
    be back next year, but not gone yet! tons of specials on board and deals all week long!! will be solidifying plans for Fridays happy hour meetup, so stay tuned to Twitter for details…

    as for the winter, I’ll be travelling a little bit and working on writing a novel. may also be making some appearances on special trucks with ice cream, hot chocolate, and coffee. buy that’s not official yet, so shhhhh, keep it on the dl!

    <3 miss softee

  • On another note, get excited for Miss S’s novel – something you’d never expect either!

    (yes, i know the secret ;) )

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    Miss Softee?

    Happy Hour?

    She’s not going to……er… know….. erm….. laugh….. IS SHE !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1?

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    This young woman has done an excellent job and is a credit to our company. We certainly look forward to having her return.

    As for the latest “news” involving drivers : I beleive this much to do over nothing. Does anyone really take this seriously ? The story in the Gothamist shows a truck that is not Mister Softee and this has happened before.

  • “Does anyone really take this seriously ?”

    Errr, yeah. The people that get harassed and threatened do. And the customers that lose out because a truck or cart is scared away take it seriously too.

  • ***UPDATE***

    i’ve picked a place to meetup on Friday. we will celebrate the season closing and all the good times at Point Break Bar in Midtown. it’s located on 45th between 5th and 6th — smack dab between my two main spots! they’re a newly opened bar, so i’m looking forward to sharing some love with them and you guys are gonna totally dig on the sweet summer theme!! plus — mention ‘miss softee’ at the door, get banded, and $4drinks are all yours from 4-8pm.

    hope to see ya’ll there!!!

  • Oooh! Point Break Bar… will Keanu and Patrick Swayze be there?

    (what…too soon?)

  • LOL!! keanu can certainly come!!

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    She’s almost gone? YIPEE!!

    Soon I’ll be able to get to the subway without fearing for my life. I can’t WAIT to be able to see the crosswalk light again.

  • The way people cross the street in NY you’d think those crosswalk lights would be irrelevant by now.

  • Wow, I may have to go to this.

  • I definitely want to make this…

  • From the pic her double cones are damned impressive.

  • What’s up with the Yipee from law-dork?
    Streets in Midtown are crowded regardless. I feel streets-rage often when people are walking too slow, blocking my path or cutting right/ switching into my lane/ right in front of me to the point where I can trample their ridiculous arses. Seriously, get the f@#% out of the way and let me walk too. HAHA.

    I wish Miss Softee could stay around longer. I have no problem with eating ice cream in the fall or winter. Oh well.

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