Vendy Awards Announce Rookie Nominees


The Vendy Awards have announced their third and final category, the brand spanking new “Rookie” Award given to vendors who have been open for less than a year.  And the nominees are…

We’re only 9 days away!  And tickets (which now entitle you to food from 8 different savory vendors, 3 different sweet vendors, and all you can drink wine, beer and soda) are almost sold out.  Get yours now>>


  • Vendy’s make good for the near-debacle re: rickshaw earlier this summer: create new category. good move SVP!

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    Better move: get someone respected by and connected with the patrons of the vendors to be a judge and de facto PR machine.

    One has to wonder if the tickets are the only thing “almost sold out”.

    I’d sooner buy something from the greek halal witch (or whatever the fuck she is) than support this sham.

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