43rd Street Planters Get Taken Away, But Will El Rey Del Sabor Return?


If there was any doubt the building had nothing to do with the shoddily installed planters that blocked the El Rey Del Sabor cart from parking on 43rd and 6th the other day, they were erased yesterday. Lunch’er Jeff sends in this update:

Walked real fast near where the El Sabor/Greek Hotdog Lady battle went down… bad news, didn’t see the El Sabor cart but good news some maintenance men were out there working hard to move the planters. Can’t be 100% what the situation was but they definitely were chopping off and cracking the cement that glued them down… and they were definitely lifting the planter boxes to move them around a bit.

Another comment confirmed that they were completely gone by 3pm. So… one would think that would clear the way for the return of the El Rey Del Sabor cart today! If you’re on the scene, let us know if they’re there serving up tacos and enchiladas.

UPDATE: From the comments… “They’re back again today!” The cart, not the planters…

The Latest Weapon in the Vendor Wars is… Sidewalk Planters!?


  • @Jeff what you call style I call terrifying. Seriously. Looked like the crypt keeper had sex with lindsay lohan. :shudder:

  • Ah yes, my dear ol’ Formz, it doesn’t get much hotter than that :>

    @Harry, did you have a search warrant for that google investigation you conducted?? Nice work soldier

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