Midtown Links (The “Small Fry” Edition)

Check out the shrimp! (The food from Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart looks good too.)


  • When I was a kid, a Wendy’s opened up on 65th and Bay Parkway. Friends and I used to go there for lunch, and with the obligatory Frosty, we’d use our fries to eat the frosty (their milkshakes were practically softserve icecream) like chips and dip.

  • Some day — sooner than you may suspect — that cute kid is going to grow up, move OUT of New Yawk City, find these photos (with included captions) and REALLY get pissed off!

    And YOU, sir, are going to have to come up with some REALLY creative excuses for your present behavior (although I, like a lot of others, enjoy your posts immensely).

    Wanna’ know why, guy? Because I been there, done that — that’s why.

    BUT, maybe your kid will be more undetstanding than mine were — LOL!

  • How come you only take pictures of your son staring at YOUR food??? lol, he is a cutie.

  • I don’t know, he’s looking at that food like he has a serious case of the munchies. Pass the on the dutchie left hand side, bro. ;-)

  • mkim, I assume he only posts the food-relevant posts to his food blog :)

  • s/posts/pics/

  • @Mr Prato:

    HUH? WHAT? ;)

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    Doc has spawn? Hell in a hand basket…..I tell you.

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    “Shrimps”? What are you learning that boy (besides plate management and buffet stategy)?

  • Kids starting todo Joe Pesci impressions!

  • @Adamprato… totally with you on that.. a Frosty and fries… everyone knows about it, everyone’s done it, but no one really talks about it. I find it so funny how many people are aware of the practice… what i thought was like my little secret (because honestly, the combination does seem a bit nutty). I’ve tried to trace the derivation of this delicious madness… the best i’ve been able to theorize is that when we were all kids, we would sneak in some of our frosty before finishing our main meal. Since this broke the parental rule of “finish your dinner before you can have dessert” we’d quickly try to cover it up by shoving some fries in our mouth. I admit, further study of this phenomenon is necessary.. hench I’ll be feasting at Wendy’s all week long (like i needed an excuse)

  • @Zach… and where exactly does one find tea smoked duck??? (or should i be asking your son)

  • Harry looks like he’s about to say “Hey, howyadoin’, fuhgeddabout it…” hehe

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