Kim’s Aunt Kitchen is Also Great For Fried Shrimp


At this point everybody should know that Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart (on 46th btw. 5+6th) makes the best (and cheapest) fried fish sandwich in Midtown.  And I’ve even tried their bulgogi beef and lo mein.  But did you know that their fried shrimp are pretty spectacular as well?  As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of the fried shrimp from a cart.  Little Morrocco (on 39th & 7th) does a nice job, as does the Halal & Seafood Cart (on 39th & 5th), and the 100% Halal Food Cart (on 54th and Park).  But those little jobbies pale in comparison to the monsters being served of the Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart.

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Holy mama-jama.  These are some serious fried shrimp.  And relatively cheap too!  I decided to go the combo platter route, with shrimp (they give you 5!)  the bulgogi beef, and lo mein.   The breading is slightly thicker on these bad boys than on the shrimp from other carts mentioned above- but not nearly as much as say these shrimp I got from that random new by the pound buffet, so it’s all good.  Also, as a warning… they might look like tempura fried shrimp, but the breading just tasted like standard breading, not panko.  So don’t get too excited if tempura is your thing.  They’re also slightly under-seasoned, but that’s solved pretty easily with some hot sauce (and or tartar sauce.)

I had also forgotten that the beef really bears no resemblence to any sort of decent bulgogi, and the lo mein is fairly tasteless and mushy… so next time I’ll probably go for the plain shrimp platter (or the shrimp + chicken or fried fish combo.)  It’s $6 and you get 8 shrimp!

Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart Gets a Proper Look See
The Best Fried Fish Sandwich in Midtown is at Kim’s


  • Man, I’m really craving some crustacean now!

  • That’s it–I’m taking my remaining king crab legs out of the freezer in an hr when I get home…..

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    @Goats: You’ve inspired to make a trip out to Yonkers this weekend… lobsters and crab legs.. here i come…

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    Damn, that shrimp does look pretty good.

    Another quick note. The Halal & Seafood Cart was near my office and I went there a bunch in the beginning of the summer. Then one day I noticed it was no longer there and it was replaced by a Rafqi’s. Not sure if it moved but I haven’t seen it. It’s a shame, I loved getting a little fried shrimp with my street meat.

  • @sushi–you won’t be disappointed. And for every $100 spent, you get a free ice cream cone(WOOHOO!) or a free coffay (laaaame)…..

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    nice… although.. id on’t know if i can buy 100$’s worth of 4$ lobsters… i guess the crab legs too….

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    I stopped by there yesterday night and it was $5.99/lb for the lobster, not a bad deal but technically 50% increase. I’ve noticed that the prices on their items vary widely even in the same week.

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