The Best Fried Fish Sandwich in Midtown is at Kim’s

With only two Fridays left in lent, Blondie and Brownie went on a mission to uncover the best fried fish sandwich in Midtown. In what some would view as an upset, Wendy’s beat out McDonald’s and Burger King- but the overall winner was the fried fish sandwich at Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart (on 46th btw. 5+6th).  Ladies, I won’t begrudge you an excuse to go out an eat four fried fish sandwiches in one lunch… but was the outcome ever in doubt?

Lent PSA: My Favorite Fried Fish Sandwich in Midtown


  • Goddamm it Zach, it’s 9:35 am already, where’s M’s bar review?!?!

  • I have only had that sandwich once. It was good, not mind blowingly so, but good. I may actually try the Wendy’s sandwich soon.

  • Give me back that filet o’ fish! Give me that fish!

  • Cranberry on 45th between 6th and 7th usually has fried fish sandwiches on fridays. They are F-ing sweet. Check it out – throw some cheddar on there and GET. IT. ON.

  • What if it were you, hanging up on the wall?

    If it were you in that sandwhich, you wouldn’t be laughing at all!

  • to answer your question, no in the regards of kim’s aunt; yes in regards to wendy vs. bk vs. mcd’s.

  • what if it was you
    hanging here on this wall
    if it were you hanging here
    you wouldn’t be laughing at all

  • i just tried the fish at the new cart on 50th & 6th – not bad… not bad at all. I think this could be in the running if they just put it in sandwich form.

  • Give me back that filet o’ fish! Give me that fish! Give me back that filet o’ fish! Give me that fish!

  • whoa there is some dr seuss shit going on in the comments today that I can not even begin to understand…

  • @Fred, will and mamacita, thanks now I can’t get that song out of my head.

  • you guys are awesome.

  • I don’t understand how fried fish sandwiches have become a part of the “korean” carts….

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