Lent PSA: My Favorite Fried Fish Sandwich in Midtown

A friendly little Public Service Announcement for all our practicing Catholics.  If you are looking for a cheap and quick meatless lunch that doesn’t involve a filet o’ fish sandwich from McDonald’s, check out my personal favorite fried fish sandwich in Midtown at Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart on 45th St. just East of 6th Ave.  If you’re not into that, there are plenty of recommendations from my lent post from last year… all of the places listed still apply (except for Ressie May’s which has closed.)  I won’t be crazy enough to recommend Zen Burger (for fear of drawing the anger of all the commenters),  but their whole menu would be lent friendly as well…

Got your own suggestion?  Post it as a comment below…

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  • It’s good to see that we have you where we want you, Zach – quaking with trepidation that you may invoke the wrath of the commenters. Our justice is swift and harsh. FEAR US.

  • I never thought I’d see the words Zen Burger in a post again.

    I had El Rincon del Sabor’s whole fried trout for lunch today, my favorite fish dish in midtown (besides Angela).

  • That sammich needs butter 1/4 inch of butter on each slice.

  • Ordering a sandwich in the UK you have to say “May I have a ham and cheese sandwich with NO BUTTER, some mustard NO BUTTER on a baguette with NO BUTTER.” And you have to watch the sandwich monkey anyway as NO BUTTER may be misinterpreted as “just a bit” = 1/4″. Explains the dental situation, it does.

  • Butter is God’s way of annoying lardies on diets.

  • This sandwich looks kind of gross. Any other recommendations/photos?

  • fried fish on bread with mayo and hot sauce. there is perfection in the world…

  • This sandwich is surprisingly tasty. A lot of fish, although I was still hungry after. I was shocked that fish from a cart could be so nice.

  • looks very similar to the fish fry place that used to be a door or two down from rainbow falafel on 17th. the koreans seem to have that particular world locked down; wonder if it’s the same owners and they finally re-opened! is it a husband wife couple perchance? with little tartar sauce buckets pre-filled?

  • hello,your Fried Fish Sandwich is so cool,i really like it very much. I am a chinese food amateur and like cooking the dish myself,I’ll try it,I hope I could cook this dish as yours,thanks for sharing again.

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