Street Sweets Truck Works it Out in Front of MOMA


Despite my original warnings, and the “hot dog cart incident” two weeks ago, it looks like the Street Sweets Truck has worked out the issues with their spot on 53rd btw. 5+6th.  After some negotiating (and a little help from the cops) they have been “cleared” to park in that spot every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now on.  As for the other two days a week, they’ve had a problem free day today parking between the 100% Halal & Healthy Cart and the Papa Perrone Truck, on 55th btw. Mad+Park.  The owner says that barring any other problems, they hope to make that their permanent spot on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Papa Perrone welcomed them with open arms, telling me that “if they bring people to this block, it just means more business for me.”  If only all street vendors saw it that way… right?

But what about the actual sweets!? (They’ve pretty much taken a backseat in all the Street Sweets coverage thus far.)  I figured today was as good a day as any for a little Street Sweets vs. Treats Truck chocolate chip cookie battle to the death!

Admittedly I’m strictly a chocolate chip cookie guy.  I’ve tried a bunch of things from the Treats Truck over the years, but my go-to, once a week treat is always the $1 chocolate cookie.  (You might remember the chocolate chip cookie fiasco of 2008.)


Anyway, the Street Sweets Truck chocolate chip cookie is $1.50 (!) which means automatically it’s going to have to be 50% bigger or more amazing to lure me away from my $1 standby. (What can I say, I’m a cheap bastard.)  The Street Sweets cookie is a little thicker, but overall not bigger- and while it’s a decent cookie, with good chocolate chips, it’s a little drier than the Treats Truck version.  Not dry as in hard (it was perfectly soft to eat), just not as moist.  In other words, it’s good enough to eat if the truck is in your area- but it’s not going to be replacing the Treats Truck chocolate chip cookie in my repertoire.


On the plus side, the Street Sweets Truck will give you anything you want any single treat from their menu for free once you get your punch card completely full.  The Treats Truck forces you into taking a free cookie!  (This might not seem like a big deal to you, but my brownie loving friend spent a month filling up his card- only to be forced into taking a free cookie instead.  His disappointment was unquantifiable.)

Want to follow the every move of the Street Sweets Truck? Check out their twitter, or the brand new Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker.


  • Am I the only one who finds the placement of the red dog stamp and the blue cupcake silhouette freakin’ hilarious? Well done street sweets…

  • …and Zach, your nail polish is beautiful!

  • Zach you are scaring me. what is up with that red polish! I mean, it’s summer, so you should be going for coral or pink, maybe…

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    Ran into Zach today. Did a drive-by hi/bye and told him that I’m Joe. One of these days, he’ll remember me.

    …probably for being the strange guy who says hi, and never actually stops to talk to him.

  • wait– since when do you have to get a cookie as your treats truck freebie? I’ve been laying off (just a bit) but the last time I turned in my card I don’t remember Kim putting any limitations on my treat of choice…

  • Zach, are you doing the Time Warp again? (its just a jump to the left)

  • If the treats truck did that to me, it would be a possible deal breaker, but I got to say $1.50 per cookie is rough too.

    If you compare the two, it is like buy two get one free at treats truck. That adds up really quick.

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    Zach, they can’t have “anything” they want once they get to “Easy Street”.
    We will be generous, we wont dictate, what customers can and can’t have, however there needs to be some limitations.
    It’s like the all you can eat buffet, you can’t move in for the week, and bring the family.

  • @ssgdm – Should I change it to say “Your choice of any treat on the menu” I thought that was just assumed that it was only one thing…

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    In the sprit of the loyalty card, and for the foreseeable future, of course unless it gets out of hand, Street Sweets will provide customers with their choice of anything we offer on our menu once they get to “easy street”.
    We feel at this stage in our business it is much more important to build a following that enjoys what we offer, than worry that we are giving away too much, especially in light of the fact that a customer actually has returned to us 10 times before they find themselves on “easy street”. Your original positioning stands.

  • Dude, I love Papa Perrone. Could he be cooler?

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    As a big fan of the dessert truck movement of 2008-2009, I was looking forward to trying Street Sweets and went today for the first time. For $4.50, I got a carmelized pear puff pastry tart that was inedible – overbaked, flavorless – I sadly threw it out after two bites. The menu is pretty extensive; I think they’d probably be better off with a smaller, more focused selection until they get their sea legs (or street legs).

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    Pastrychick, we are so very sorry that your first and only experience with Street Sweets was a poor one. Although it is no excuse, the pear tart was a brand new addition to our menu, and from time to time as you know when baking there will be items that are just duds for a slue of reasons.
    On many occasions during our early existence I have encouraged customers to give us feed back, of course both good and bad, it is truly the only way one learns from their mistakes and from their successes.
    We do not want any customer going away unsatisfied, so please allow me the opportunity to ether offer you something else from our menu, or refund to you the cost of the tart.

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