Will the Street Sweets Truck Ever Learn?

via Twitter this morning: “Hello, today our sweet spot is 53 b’tween 5th & 6th. next to Moma. Come by 7 say hi & pick up some great sweets. We will b sampling @ noon.”  Outside MOMA?!?  One of the most desirable tourist foot traffic blocks in Midtown?  I’m sure you won’t get trouble from any of the established vendors on *that* block. Here’s some advice for the Street Sweets Truck if they want to avoid a repeat of the 55th Street fiasco.  You use twitter.  You have the support of the food blogs.  Pick a less popular spot, and start building your customer base.  Don’t park in front of MOMA!


  • There’s only ONE reason I would walk that way and it isn’t to appreciate the lovely art-work. It’s for 53rd and 6th lunchtime cart. Good luck to Street Sweets.

    They tried to park in front of my office but I guess business isn’t that great here on 51st & Park. Wafels & Dinges have used the spot too for a short time. Not a very promising dessert location I suppose.

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    I just find that truck to be way too expensive. A croissant with almond butter is something like 6$. $3.50 for a cheese danish?

  • $6 for a almond butter croissant? WTH? lol. Good thing I’ve only wanted their coffee. Haha.

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    Agree, it was a bit more expensive than you would expect. $1.50 for a mini Whoopie Pie? I think I bought about six things on my first visit and they gave me only one stamp on my “loyalty card”. Places like Oren’s give one stamp per item. They need to tweak the pricing/procedure and try to build up their business in one location.

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    Wow. Discovery should make a street vendor reality show. Sounds way more ‘deadly’ and exciting than crab fishing.

  • stopped by at ~12:25, and they were still baking for samples which were due out in 20 min, but samira (i think) allowed me a pecan sand tart. tasty (she said it was her mom’m recipe), but a bit pricey at $6 for bag of 10.

  • oh, and she said they hadn’t had any issues parking in that spot yet.

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