The Man Wins: Street Sweets Forced to Find Another Spot

This news about the new Street Sweets Truck and their feud with the building on 55th and 6th came in late on Friday: “Sorry to disappoint, but we’ve been forced to move because of the pressure that Bistro Milano & Pret a Manger exerted on the building & the NYPD.” According to the owner of the truck it turns out the spot was technically illegal (you are not allowed to vend from a “metered spot”), so despite the best effort of Midtown Lunch’ers to support the new truck and put pressure on Bistro Milano and Pret, the NYPD was forced by the building to remove the truck. This came a day after representatives from both the NYPD & the FDNY told the Street Sweets truck they were doing nothing wrong.

The truck is off today for a private event, but will return tomorrow to look for a new spot in Midtown.


  • We are located down the block from where Street Sweets was and feel that it is very unfortunate to lose them, especially in such circumstances. The first day we saw the truck, we went over to introduce ourselves and welcome them to the neighborhood. We wish them the best of luck in their new location and are sorry to see how some of our community has treated them.

  • Certe once again proves how they’re a class act.

    If it weren’t for midtown lunch, I would have probably never gone into Certe since I avoid those chi-chi lunch shops. Aside from keeping their offerings within the midtownlunch limits, and maximizing what you can get for the money, Certe is a good neighbor on top of that.

    Well done Certe.

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    BOYCOTT Pret!!!

  • Bistro Milano is seriously weak sauce. I’ll be telling my friends and colleagues to steer clear of that sh*t show.

  • This is ridiculous. It comes to show that Pret and Bistro Milano have NO understanding of capitalism. What makes me happy though is that a lunch spot with a great reputation (Certe) was kind to go over and welcome them to the neighborhood (as per the first post).

    As you said, adamprato, I will also continue to eat from Certe, but Pret and Bistro Milano need to suffer for making this move.

  • I don’t get it .. I just came from the NYC Cravings truck and they are and always have been parked on a meter parking spot.

    I assume that Cravings just pays for the time they are there as would any other vehicle – anyone know what the actual law says?

    I’m guessing the law exists, but is practically never enforced unless weasels like Bistro & Pret squeal like the pigs they are!

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    Let’s hear it for Certe, always a favorite of my office. The boycott of Pret and the appropriately-initialed “BM” from my office at 1350 will continue.

  • @win – your assumption is entirely correct.

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