At Lunch Now: Rickshaw is Mobbed, Van Leeuwen is on Park

Despite all the vitriol from ML commenters, it looks like the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck has found their audience. They’re on 45th btw 6+7th today, and completely mobbed.

Speaking of hipster trucks, I’m hearing the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck is in Midtown today parked on 52nd and Park. Enjoy!


  • Those poor, poor misguided souls – obviously not ML Lunchers if they are missing out on area options such as Kwik Meal, Margon, Biriyani Cart et Al, for that overpriced crap served by Rickshaw via their truck and store downtown.

  • No one is missing out on Biryani Cart. Ever since Zach NY Times article, Biryani Cart has been a mad house. Seriously Zach, can we get some Midtownluncher VIP cards so we can cut the line? You’ve killed Biryani cart for anyone with only a few minutes for lunch. Sadly, it’s dead to me now because of the wait…

  • h#ll with this where is harry it’s friday and I need the harry fix

  • i agree with cosi

  • @dougiec,
    totally. i saw that line earlier this week and it was the longest thing ever.

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    saw an interesting sight last night walking down 2nd ave. seems that the van leeuwen truck kept parking outside of momofuku ssam bar and the staff there was getting more and more pissed. they kept screaming at the driver and calling the cops every few minutes. eventually the truck left.

  • What a waste of money. I think their dumplings are alright but I don’t see the value added to my stomach on paying high prices for dumplings. I might as well eat at Chipotle then. LOL.

  • some people don’t have taste buds. oh well. can’t save them all.

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