At Lunch Now: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck Makes its Midtown Debut!

I guess they couldn’t stand being the only dessert Vendy Award nominee without a regular Midtown spot… the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck is parked on the NE corner of 57th st and 5th Ave right now. Their other truck is still in its regular spot in Soho, but they hope to park this second truck in Midtown at least a few days a week. We’ll see how it goes…

They’ll be at this spot until 4pm, and then will probably move somewhere else. (I’ll keep you updated on this post if they move today.)


  • For those who didn’t know, this truck is parked on 75th and Broadway almost every single night.

  • i don’t think i can handle this.

  • Thank you for this. I just went and tried it and the chocolate ice cream might just be the best I have ever had. MMMMMMMMM

    The guy said he doesn’t know if they will be back here, it depends how they do today. I hope they come back – even in the winter I like ice cream!!!

  • Ice Cream

    In New York

    In Winter.


  • This ice cream must be pretty great if people are willing to run out at lunch in the winter to eat it on the street!

  • @ ckc

    I just brought it back to my work building. It is cool enough out that it doesn’t melt immediately!

  • How many more “dessert” trucks are there?!!
    My poor fat lardo ass.

  • Boo…. I work on the downtown edge of midtown and all the good stuff is always up in the 50s!

  • Ice Cream in fall and winter is hard to find! But it’s still good in the cold!
    I’m all for year round ice cream!

    Glad they’re keeping the ice cream truck experience alive even now!

  • Great move, guys. I love ice cream in winter. Where the hell were you 3 months ago?

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