WSJ Cart Article Mentions Cart on Cart Intimidation

The Wall Street Journal becomes the latest publication to report on the new mobile food trend sweeping the nation. It covers much of the same ground- like twitter and how much cheaper it is for trained Chefs to open a truck than a brick and mortar restaurant. But it also spends a little bit of time talking about the obstacles, including a topic that Midtown Lunch has covered extensively: cart on cart intimidation.

“Another major hazard of the business, newcomers say, is hostility—and even threats—from the competition. Mr. Lao [from the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck] says his entry into the industry was marked by threats and sabotage by other vendors, who parked their carts right in front of his sales window.”

In related news, the NYPost reports this morning that a criminal complaint has been filed over threats directed by a Mr. Softee truck at a Good Humor man in Queens. That sounds familiar.

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  • They should get Obamma to tell the Halal guys it’s not their fault.

  • There’s a war going down between my brothers tonight.

    I don’t want no war going down, going down tonight.

  • In Portland, they have parking lots where food trucks just park next to each other, in harmony. I hope the increase in number of food trucks will help decrease the number of these “incidents.” People need to make a living, I understand. But maybe their shit just doesn’t taste good and a better truck should put them outta business.

  • Danny: huh? “I hope the increase in number of food trucks will help decrease the number of these “incidents.””

    An increase in food trucks will only make things worse, as sales per truck decreases. truck owners will get more territorial to keep their sales up, especially when there are more trucks everywhere.

  • I think better carts should take over certain spots of other carts that are wasting space and not making any real money. They are just in the way and ruining the chances of us to having tastier options. Namely 50th and 6th so that Happy Well can serve again. Hahaha.

  • Seriously. I walked past 50th the other day and I couldn’t believe how many carts there were. None of them looked any good either.

    Who the hell eats at these carts to generate enough revenue to keep them in business…

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