At Lunch Now: Rickshaw Dumpling Truck Take Two

The Rickshaw Dumpling Truck has set up shop on 57th & Park, and plans on being there until 3pm. There have already been some complaiints about the high prices (6 dumps for $6) but before you jump on that bandwagon,
understand how tough it is for these vendors. The Rickshaw Truck already got their first ticket ($100+) trying to park a little farther south this morning, and were threatened by a halal guy in their second spot. Let’s hope the third one is a charm.

In happier news, there will be a Treats Truck/Dumpling Truck double team tomorrow on 45th btw. 6+7th for those of you on the west side. Full dumpling report coming soon.


  • They are not called dumps

  • What happened to the Rafiqi’s cart that’s normally in that spot at 57th and Park? I had to walk, like, three extra blocks to get my white sauce fix yesterday.

  • I feel bad, the line was small at the Rickshaw Dumpling cart, but long right next to it at the Treats Truck — hopefully in time people will catch on and support it! If I didnt have to go to a ‘real restaurant’ for lunch, i would’ve been getting my dumplings for lunch.

  • Went to the dumpling truck today. No line at all, but the Treats Truck next to it had an overflow crowd as usual. Prices are way too high. I got an edamame side for $3, but it was a bit small. Very friendly employees, though. If they just lowered their dumpling price a buck or two, I bet the line would be a LOT longer.

  • Went there today, no line, a little bit pricey BUT the dumplings I had were very good. Chicken with Thai Basil.

  • Got the edamame. Too salty, not exciting. Man, I miss Ollie’s.

  • how is the edamame too salty? They give you a side of salt with none actually on it so you can put as much as you want on.

  • I was referring to the edamame dumplings. The filling is salty.

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